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IACT has held several successful forums to educate the community on topics or issues pertaining to non-partisan political and civic engagement.
  • Voter Education and Voter Registration.
  • Various aspects of public education, including systems, policies, and laws.
  • Host local and national officials, for e.g. police official, circuit court judge, surgeon-general, etc. to explain and help understand their roles in civic life.
  • Book talks that enlighten and cultivate responsible citizenship values and skills.
  • Participate with agenda to inform and educate the need for   comprehensive immigration reforms.
  • Support local social service agencies that explain and help build stronger communities.
  • Contribute to local newspapers and media.


IACT engages in many activities that supports its vision and mission statement.
  •  Host Republic Day Gala with invited elected officials, nearly 300 + attendees, recognized  path-breakers, and contributors to society at  large.
  •  Support City of Austin Initiatives such as Asian Quality of Life.
  •  Advocate common interests and objectives as member of Network of Asian American Organization (NAAO).
  • Dialog with elected officials on Asian American needs and issues.
  • Participate in voter registration drives for city, state, and national elections.
  • Organize candidate forums to political & civic offices.
  • Join in celebrating many local events such as Asian Heritage Month, 50th anniversary of Voting Rights Bill, Parade of India, Asian Fall Festival, etc.
  • Propose items for city and state legislative agenda.
  • Sponsor Youth Writing Contest during the annual Be The Change Volunteer Day in Austin.


IACT empowers its members to become rising and future leaders.
  • IACT and the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) work jointly together to fund & host the Summer Internship Program in Austin which is designed to prepare college students to become future leaders in the State of Texas. This program provides an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills, gain public policy experience and become civic engaged.
  • Several IACT members have been appointed or elected to serve on several city and state commissions.
  • Some IACT members have graduated from Leadership Austin.